Covid-19 Delays

Dear customer,

Now we are faced with difficult times, because of the Covid-19 or Corona Virus.
The world is suffering, and shipping delays are becoming a regular thing.

If you order from us, please be aware that delays of product delivery are very likely. Maybe a short delay of a few extra weeks, or maybe longer, as packages are now becoming stuck in transit limbo.

Some people are lucky, as delays are not consistent, and some packages arrive on time. However, other packages get stuck in transit limbo and take time to reach their destination.

We do our best to process your order and get it out for delivery as quickly as possible.

But then it is out of hands as the postal system is suffering with everything from small to quite big delays. What normally takes two weeks, is now taking a month or more.

So please be aware of all these factors when shopping with us, and with our competition. A quick Internet search will tell you very quickly that big delays are a common issue these days.

We hope that this will pass soon, and get back on regular schedule.
In the meantime, we are doing our best to keep you, our valued customer

very happy.



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